International cooperation

The company "Energomanagement PRO" has a staff of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience withenergy efficiency as:

  • «Energy efficiency and climate-friendly modernization of industry of Donetsk region» (GIZ),
  • «Municipal energy reform in Ukraine» (USAID),
  • «The program on struggle climate change in Kazakhstan » (USAID),
  • «Improving energy efficiency and promoting renewable energy in the agro-food sector and other small and medium enterprises in Ukraine» (UNIDO),
  • «Increase potential for the development of low-carbon technologies in Ukraine» (UNDP),
  • «Technical Assistance to support investments in energy efficiency of residential buildings - political dialogue on energy efficiency in housing» (EBRD) and others.

Ours staff having the status of national and international experts, individual consultants in such projects were brought to work on:

  • developing project proposals for external lighting sector programs in sustainable energy in Chernihiv and Vinnitsa by 2022;
  • Guidance on the preparation of municipal energy management;
  • preparation and technical analysis of Ukraine national standard of ISO 50001: 2014 Energy saving. Energy management systems - "Requirements and guidelines for application";
  • preparing proposals for the next steps for the implementation of ISO 50000 standards;
  • development of guidelines "Implementation of energy management system based on ISO 50001: 2011, Guidelines for the technical staff of companies and enterprises"
  • development a common methodological framework for the construction and implementation of energy monitoring systems in the enterprise;
  • definition of the situation (including energy efficiency) in metallurgy, oil refining, chemical and other industries;
  • developing the program and training course "Energy, Energy Saving and Energy foundations";
  • policy analysis on energy efficiency of household appliances, in particular on the implementation of the EU Directive 2010/30 / EC on the labeling of energy consuming products.