Energy management systems implementation

Development and implementation of management can be performed either by personnel or by attracting external independent consultants. Practice shows that in the absence of experienced professionals in the company's almost impossible to implement self-management system. Adopted international practice - is attracting consulting company.

In that case, if you have no experience SEnM implementation of the ISO 50001, you'd better ask for help from a consultant. This will save you time and human resources, as well as to avoid errors that may appear only at the stage of pre-certification audit.

Specialists LLC "Energomanagement PRO" have sufficient experience and qualifications for the implementation of management systems based on international standards ISO 14001 «Environmental Management System» ISO 50001 and «Energy Management Systems».

Selection of the consultant - a important step in the successful building of management system. Therefore, we must ensure selection of a consultant company formed as a result of clear terms of reference and transparent tender.

It should be noted that the main criterion for selecting consultants should be is their professionalism. From professional advisers and their persistence, as well as the strict implementation of the recommendations of the experts involved depends the success of the implementation of the management system